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Features on all Plans
Click feature for details. Basic
Web Space 400 MB 600 MB 800 MB 1000 MB
Bandwidth (monthly) 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 10 GB
E-mail Accounts 5 10 50 100
Mailing Lists 2 5 10 20
SSL Secure Access no yes yes yes
Telnet/SSH no yes yes yes
Shopping Cart no yes yes yes
FrontPage Extensions yes yes yes yes
MySQL Database yes yes yes yes
PHP Support no yes yes yes
Site Statistics yes yes yes yes
Control Panel yes yes yes yes
Password Protected Directories no yes yes yes
Sub-Domains 0 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Parked Domains 0 1 2 4
Add on domains 0 1 2 4
E-mail Forwarding 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Auto-Responders 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited

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(paid yearly)
(paid yearly)
(paid yearly)
(paid yearly)

FREE Support
FREE Chat Room
FREE Message Board
FREE Guest book
FREE Counter 
FTP Access 
FTP Manager Anonymous 
FTP Mail Manager 
POP3 & Web Mail Accounts
Parked Domains (contact admin to activate)
Add on Domain (contact admin to activate)

Search Engine Submit Tool 
Personal CGI-BIN 
Pre-installed CGI Scripts 
Cron Jobs 
MIME Types 
Customizable Error Pages 
Raw  Log Files Access 
Backup Manager 
File Manager 
Server Side Includes (SSI)

Billing Information
Billing Cycle - When you sign-up you have the option to choose 6 or 12 month billing cycles.  Your renewal payment must be received in our office 14 days prior to expiration or a $50 re-activation fee will be charged.

Setup Fee - FREE Setup on all plans!

New Domain Registration - Domain Fee: $10.00 ($20.00 for the first two years) due every 12 months/


All credit card charges will show
cc-processing at web-designing.org on your statement

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What Kind Of Servers Do We Use?
This is a common question.  We use reliable custom built Linux/Unix systems. It's hard to put down exact specs since our servers are constantly upgraded.  What we are using today may be upgraded or replaced by next week. What's important to know is that each servers' resources are only pushed to around 30%-40% capacity. At that point the server is either upgraded or replaced. This allows plenty of headroom for peaks and spikes in usage without the server getting bogged down. All servers are monitored 24/7 with uninterruptible power systems and daily server backups to ensure each account runs smoothly.

What kind of Connection used?

OC192 fiber connection to Verizon. Redundant connections thru Sprint. Redundant connections thru AT&T. All lines are load balanced for maximum uptime. 1000's of hits a week is not a problem.


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